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Our Culture

  • Crawfish Boil
    Crawfish Boil
  • ABC BBQ Cook Off
    ABC BBQ Cook Off
  • Chili Cook Off
    Chili Cook Off
  • Galaxy Company Meeting
    Galaxy Company Meeting
  • Galaxy Fishing Trip
    Galaxy Fishing Trip
  • Gruene Fun Day
    Gruene Fun Day
  • Gruene Fun Day
    Gruene Fun Day
  • Galaxy Ladies
    Galaxy Ladies
  • Christmas Party
    Christmas Party
  • Group Shopping
    Group Shopping
  • Ice Cream Social
    Ice Cream Social

Although Galaxy Builders has grown significantly over the years, one thing remains the same:  Our Culture.  At Galaxy, we consider ourselves a small, tight-knit community that collaborates amongst our peers both personally and professionally.  In order to craft these long-lasting bonds, the organization offers a variety of perks to its employees from fishing and golfing to shopping adventures.  Each opportunity uplifts moral around the organizational walls and keeps employees looking forward to the next big event.

Moreover, in its care for its people, Galaxy instituted a health and wellness plan in order to promote each of the following dimensions of healthy living: physical, emotional and intellectual wellness, social, environmental, multicultural and occupational.  With the assistance of our partners at AMCORP, we joined in on their goal to establish healthy habits through expert guidance in an effort to prolong life and prevent disease.  We have received several success stories through the inception of the plan!